Thanks at Thanksgiving

Hi Tony!

It’s been a while but we just wanted you to know that when anyone asks us about the best place for any reception (wedding, birthday, etc.) we send them right to you guys. After having a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, we wanted to give thanks to special people who touched our hearts with their warmth and hospitality. Thank you, Tony! You are truly a God-send.

Last year in April, we had my grandmother's 90th birthday party at Riccardo’s by the Bridge. It was a difficult time for our family due to the complications of my pregnancy plus losing our grand-aunt only months before. Yet you and your staff took great care of us. My grandmother felt so honored.

We just wanted let you know that you and your family (both home and work) were in our thoughts and prayers during the holiday season. Hopefully soon we will have a grand celebration. You'll be the first we contact.

With heart,
The Colas Family