Italian Carnevale 2018!

Dear Tony, Mark and Riccardo's,

It is Sunday after the Italiano Carnevale. We all have been talking and raving about your Italiano Carnevale — I got 3 phone calls thanking me!

We had 38 people and they all were so happy. Our tables, and the excitement of your gift, the champagne. We made a family toast before dessert, and we all thanked you!

Your waiters and help were great, so friendly and nice to us all.

The music, the dancing and the great comedian. You were great in getting it all together. "What a show!"" and the food was super.

What more can I say. "Thanks and God bless you and Riccardo's." Tell your Dad and Grandpa.

Be seeing you and say hello to Sandy!

All our love, the J.H. Men & Women Club
Joe Ricevuto