Funeral Repast

Dear Mr. Corbisiero,

I hosted a funeral repast at your restaurant for my mother, Louise Taddei, on Wednesday, February 23.

I wanted to thank you for the fine food and service provided that day. I especially want to tell you how very impressed we were with the services of your Maitre d’, Alberto. As soon as we arrived at the restaurant, Alberto immediately showed us the coat check and restrooms. He was very attentive to every detail of the buffet, and to the requests of the guests without being intrusive in their conversation.

I also want to commend your Banquet Manager, Charlie. When my lady friend called to request a carving board on the menu, even though at that time we were unsure of the number of guests, he could not have been more helpful and assured her that the items in question would be available to us. True to his word, everything was perfect.

I am sure that you are already aware that both of these men are a definite asset to your establishment.

Again, I thank you, Charlie and Alberto for providing a dignified and enjoyable repast at this sad time for myself and my family.

Andrew Taddei