Better and Better

Tiffany Room, May 27th 2012- the venue for my husband's Suprise 60th Birthday party. It was a fantastic afternoon - Ray and all our guests had a great time. This was all thanks in large part to the Management and Staff of Riccardo's BTB. Eleanor was instrumental in helping me to pull off what turned out to be a beautifully grand affair. The Maitre d' Tony and his wait staff executed the food and drink service flawlessly. Fausto deserves a special mention here, as he was 'my right hand' for the afternoon, checking with me at crucial points throughout to make sure all went according to my plan and that everything was just so. Ray and I held our wedding reception here at Riccardo's on September 14th 1997- both then and on May 27th 2012 we could not have asked for a more truly memorable time.

Thank you Riccardo's!

Raymond and Karen Miller