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Going Green?

Many Brides & Grooms are looking to tread a little less heavily on Mother Earth. We can assist by helping you plan a green wedding. Here’s a short list of ideas that might help you to accomplish your Green Goals.

Green Centerpieces

One way to go green (literally) is to use potted plants as your centerpieces. To many designers, nature’s green is much like white or black: it goes with everything. So regardless of the color scheme you envision, your florist will be able to work with you to come up with something that will make your tables beautiful as well as give your guests a favor that will keep on giving.

Wheatgrass is beautiful. Potted hydrangeas or mini-rose plants are also lovely. Work with your florist and you will surely come up with something great!

Save A Tree

When it comes to wedding invitations, skip the inner envelope and blotter paper, which are remnants from a time when printer’s ink needed time to dry. Rather than a reply card, request that your guests reply online or by the telephone. Not only will you save money on the printing bill, but it may also reduce your postage expense. Finally, it will likely make the reply more convenient for your guests, and you will hopefully have less last-minute wondering about RSVPs.

The Wedding Dress

Beautiful Bridein Vintage GownIf you are truly committed to a Green wedding, you might consider some of the more environment–friendly options when it comes to your wedding attire.

The men’s Tuxedos are often rented — a great way to promote the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” adage at the heart of Green living — but what about that Wedding Gown?

OK. We’re not actually suggesting that you rent it (though you could), but you might think about tailoring a loved–one’s hand–me–down to your more modern tastes.

Or, since vintage design is hot right now, buy a Vintage Gown that both recycles and reuses.

And if you’re looking to add some Jewelry to the beautiful dress you’ve chosen, why not consider Estate jewelry? It’s often less expensive and more interesting than new.

Or, if you’ve inherited an engagement ring, you can have it reset to suit your style.

Finally, after the big day is over, you might consider recycling that wedding dress so that the next green bride can pick up where you left off environmentally.

Wedding Favors

Candied Almonds!While none of us can get enough of candied almonds, why not give your guests something that will last: packets of seeds or even miniature plantings, available with your names and wedding date imprinted on the packets?

Or how about a favor that symbolizes your new union: a favor that grows? It fits on a keychain, reminding your guests of your wedding until the day comes to repot their keepsake to its new, bigger home.

Also popular today is a charitable donation to a favorite cause in your guests’ names. It’s a very meaningful gesture and one your guests will be proud of.

Green Getaways

So you’ve planned some eco-friendly ideas into the wedding and reception. But how about the Honeymoon? There are many options nowadays, including eco-tours, which seek to promote environmentally responsible travel to “natural areas” that “conserves the environment and improves the well–being of local people.”

Or maybe you just wanted Hawaii.

The Sierra Club has a unique Hawaii vacation that takes you on a tour of the culture and cuisine of the island paradise.

Rainforest Tours. Hiking in the great American National Parks. And on and on.

Whatever you choose, have a great trip and make wonderful green memories!